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The Astral Walker
No, really.
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09 30 10(no subject)
Cataclysm, both the prepatch and the beta itself are looking really nice. Plenty of bugs, but still very nice.

Finally got the modelviewer working again, so I decided to dink around to figure out just what I wanted Shad to look like. Here's what I got. Worgen look absolutely HILARIOUS and AWESOME with goggles on. I hope engineers get the ability to turn all our helms into goggles.

EDIT: Heroic Lich King is stupid hard. Thank god I can launch myself to stormwind on a wipe with shadow traps for shits n giggles.
09 30 10(no subject)
Happy Birthday, Vil!

09 19 10(no subject)
Notes to self:

Update cataclysm beta when I get back to the apartment.
Pay tuition.
See how cheap I can get a PSP for. Naturally the second Phantasy Star Portable 2 hits, everyone is OMG SHAD GET IT AND PLAY WITH US.

Get back to writing. Srsly.
08 05 10(no subject)
I have to go back to helping grandma settle in soon, but I figured at least one of you would like to see Jingleheimer.
08 03 10 - ITT: Shad tanks
Transferred my Death Knight to Korialstrasz yesterday, since I couldn't be assed to play him on Rexxar anymore. Server's gone to absolute hell since I've left.

Guild decides they wanna do an alt ICC 10, I offer to take Holloway in, and I wind up tanking the place, in a mish-mash of badly enchanted badly gemmed epics and a couple blues. Even with the 30% I was squishy as fuck, but we cleared through to dreamwalker before we decided to call it. It was a hilariously awesome clusterfuck the whole way through, and I got a nice tanking weapon out of the mess, too.

Frostwyrm tomorrow, woo.

Moving my 98 year old grandma to assisted living down here tomorrow. Hopefully she survives the move.
Generic LJ layout is go. Maybe once I get a working copy of Photoshop and when Blizzard unbreaks the Worgen models I'll make a new one, maybe. With the new changes, I'm not exactly sure what my Rogue is going to look like come Cataclysm just yet.

Got boned for getting the frostwyrm this week, but it's the Blood Queen achieve, so it won't be too hard to get next week. Other last achieve to get is Vile Spirits in the Lich King fight. We almost had it last night. Oh well, Sunday and Monday are still on for this week. I think I'm gonna go crack out the Sporeggar and Honor Hold reputations for my 30 exalted factions. I doubt I'm going for 40 until Cataclysm.

We might go into Heroic Ruby Sanctum this week. Not sure.

I like how Combat is looking on the Beta so far, not much else to say except I'm looking forward to having another strike, and Restless Blades is an amazing talent.

Are you still reading?

Because I have non Warcraft news. Or well, musings. Filling out an application to work in the college library system, had to look up the address for the Humane Society as a reference. Wound up looking in the pets gallery and found they'd finally put up a picture for my favorite dog there. I miss her, she was a goofball and an amazing troll. The link doesn't work, but if you're really interested, look here and find Lorryn. I don't know if mom will ever let me adopt her. Maybe I'll sponsor her.

Moving back up to Madison on the 16th, really looking forward to getting the hell out of here again.

I haven't really talked about it much, but I've been on and off sick for the entire summer. I'm not sure if it's side effects from my newest ADD medication or some digestive condition manifesting. I won't get into the TMI.

Anyways, I'm looking for a good RPG to play, but I don't have a PS3 or Xbox 360. Any suggestions, guys?
07 26 10(no subject)
11/12 Icecrown Citadel Hardmodes. We're getting our frostwyrms this week. So pumped. Quitting my job has lead to awesome things. The two hardest hardmodes outside of the Lich King himself? In the same week? Damn, we're cruisin.
07 23 10(no subject)



I really can't think of anything else to say other than tomorrow is my last day at work. I'm going to order parts to build a new computer soon, and the WoW expansion looks more and more loregasmic with every update.

Seriously. Silverpine. I'm not even HORDE and I /gasp'd.
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